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It's Showtime in Venezuela!

By Aleksander Boyd

18.11.05 | Erstwhile bus driver Nicolas Maduro, now presiding Venezuela's National Assembly, made some outrageously mendacious allegations yesterday. True specimen of inanity-propagating-chavista-sycophant Maduro gave a press conference in which he 'informed' that Nelson Mezerhane -in jail (since Monday noon) on trumped murder charges related to the assassination of extorsionists ring leader Danilo Anderson- met on Monday evening with Alberto Federico Ravell -owner of Globovision and partner of Mezerhane. See, the point is, Mezerhane was in jail on Monday evening and Maduro, as we say in Venezuela (untranslatable), was caught "cagando y sin papel."

But it gets better, Alberto Federico Ravell thought appropriate to give an account of the ongoing fable that Venezuela's Attorney General is fabricating to incriminate those who disagree with Hugo Chavez.

My fellow bloggers Daniel and Miguel have a more detailed analysis of the web of lies that the Chavez regime has been peddling of late. And to conclude on the same note, when asked to comment on the news published today in El Nacional about a land-cession agreement between Agroflora -Vestey's subsidiary in Venezuela- and the Chavez regime, a Vestey's representative in London said to me that no such agreements were reached. Vestey's spokesman reiterated that the company remains open to reaching an agreement with the Venezuelan government on mutually acceptable terms.

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