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Ave Chavez, morituri te salutant

By Tito Armando | A Dream for Venezuelans

23.09.05 | This post is dedicated to all of those Chavez followers, who are getting their just rewards for serving, helping and getting benefits from the beautiful Revolution.

Lina Ron & the Tupamaros: no matter they are the sworn defenders of the cause, none of them were considered for the December elections.

Luis Tascon: after supplying the most dreaded resource for punishing the opposition followers, he also got kicked from the next Elections. He is now in a fierce competition against his old "comrade", Iris Valera, for an Assembly curul in his state.

The Banks: getting themselves rich beyond their imagination by safeguarding money from the government, the new Credit & Debit cards Law pull the commissions they get from these services and leave them with a big hole on their wallets. And thanks to the new government bank created, el Supremo can kill them outright by having the government’s funds retired from their accounts.

Taxi and City transportation drivers: after helping the government image of a "full working country" during the 2002 national strike days, now they fall prey to the crime wave running amok the streets - and no solution from the Justice Minister.

Bolivariana University students: still waiting for a promotion date (if there's one before 2010).

Most of the Missions' teachers: what?!? no money available for their monthly wage? And why is our Leader giving so much money for Africa?

Public schools students: sorry boys and girls but no busses for you, they are being sent to the Bronx. And you will have to wait for next year for Mission Simon Rodriguez to have your schools repaired.

Poor Chavistas with no Directv antenna on their houses: still waiting to watch Telesur on national TV ("What!?! Only available for private cable and satellite coup-mongers?!?")

Feel free to add more to this list on your comments.

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