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A few changes in

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14.09.05 | Close to the three year anniversary of this site I would like to inform readers about a few changes in its editorial aspect. Since the start I adopted a rather simple and pragmatic editorial policy: any government that boasts the victim's card is more often than not the victimizer. As such I have attempted to factually demonstrate the rampant corruption and utter disregard for human rights, democratic and constitutional precepts of the Hugo Chavez regime.

This job however could not have been possible without the extraordinary collaboration of my webmaster, a select group of bloggers, to whom I admire very much, and specially without the interest that readers have shown about Venezuela. As I want to move on and concentrate on other issues I shall be sharing editorial duties with John Sweeney for a while, hopefully until he becomes effectively the one in charge of running the site. I can only think of a handful of people to which I would have ceded the control of this dear project of mine and John is, certainly, one of those. He brings to the table a vast experience that can only enrich the site's content. More about him and his credentials can be read in the about section at the top. To conclude I shall take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to the readers of this site for having supported it with visits, comments and the odd reprimand over the years.

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