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Karen Coleman chats with Aleksander Boyd re Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 31.08.05 | Last Saturday I chatted briefly with Karen Coleman from Ireland's radio show The Wide Angle with respect to the unfamous remarks of Pat Robertson re the assassination of Hugo Chavez. Certainly Robertson's faux pas has brought to the much maligned US foreign policy fora the issue of Venezuela and its chaotic situation under the rule of Fidel Castro's apprentice.

I find ever so disturbing that the unlearned appear to have a knack for drawing the discussion about Chavez's rhetoric and performance to the realm of the social, financial and political repercussions that US imperialism has had, and continues to exert, in Latin America. Furthermore so long as the Venezuelan folk hero babbles about becoming South America's new messiah, purportedly critical minds irresponsibly downplay, or simply ignore, the pernicious effects that Chavez or Castro like figures impose, anti-democratically, on their own countrymen.

Now that's all fine and dandy but how about acknowledging, for a change, the direct responsibility that these individuals have on entire nation's destinies? One can only dream...

Anyway, enough with the daily rant. Here readers can hear an MP3 file of my conversation with Karen Coleman, to whom I shall express my sincere gratitude for having given me the opportunity to discuss Venezuelan politics before a broader audience.

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