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Letter to The Guardian re Richard Gott

By Aleksander Boyd

London 30.08.05 | The other day someone called my attention upon an article penned by Richard Gott entitled "Two fingers to America". The Guardian's track record of fiascoes [see here, here, here and here] is not something that any respected newspaper would feel proud of, but as is often the case with leftist radicals posing as journos, they exhibit a truly outstanding capacity to dodge facts and a total disdain for history. I wrote a letter to Ian Mayes, reader's editor, and today he replied. Mr Mayes does not seem to be bothered by the very questionable credentials of Richard Gott (erstwhile KGB), furthermore he goes on to say that Gott's writings are "...widely admired and continues to be so..." (sic).

From: A. Boyd
To: Ian Mayes (
Subject: Richard Gott's infatuation with Hugo Chavez...
Date: 26/08/05 05:06 pm

Dear Mr. Mayes,

Further to a conversation that I had with a kind lady colleague of yours, I would like to protest in the strongest possible terms my discontent towards whomever may be in charge in the Guardian of inviting commentators to opine in matters of public interest.

Case in point is the latest laudatory piece written by Mr. Richard Gott [Two fingers to America] in which he, not only shows a total disregard for historical facts and evidence, further he miserably fails to restrain his galloping infatuation with Hugo Chavez and with the Cuban dictator.

It would be foolish to expect a coherent and balanced article from a man who used to advocate in favour of the exculpation of Nazi criminals during university years, however it is not true that Gott was asked for his resignation some years ago due to his connections with the KGB? Why does this gentleman continues to be "invited" to write for the Guardian?

Hasn't the Guardian credibility been embarrassed enough lately by very many fiascoes?

I should be most grateful if you could reply in sincere fashion to this message.

Cordially, Aleksander Boyd

Reply from Ian Mayes:


Thanks for your email. Whatever Richard Gott's reasons for leaving the Guardian at that point it had nothing to do with his reporting and commentary from South America, which was widely admired and continues to be so. When he began writing from SAmerica in the 60s , or was it even earlier, he was doing something that very few others were doing it was and to a large extent still is, don't you think, a part of the world neglected by European media.

However, I'll pass a copy of your email to the editor and the editor of the Comment pages,

best wishes,

Ian Mayes (end of message)

I concur with Mr. Hayes that South America is a region almost completely neglected by European media. However I can't bear the thought that barking moonbats continue to find easy to peddle their sycophantic propaganda, owing to the fact that that part of the world is ignored by mainstream media. There are other reporters and certainly we could do without the Guardian widely 'acclaimed' columnists.

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