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Commentary on religious hyenas, and in ref to: Editorial in todays Investor's Business Daily, August 30th, 2005

By Pedro Mario Burelli

30.08.05 | Nothing defines better the state of affairs in Venezuela than the nature of those who seem to have suddenly discovered it. In just one week, both Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson have taken time from their "ministries" to brutishly threaten, or ignorantly praise, Hugo Chavez. This, my dear friends, is more than sufficient proof of the sorry state of our country. We have to keep in mind that when these guys show up in any country, it is because one extreme or the other has opened it's wallet. I am sorry to disappoint, but there is zero altruism in their actions, and little good in their motives. They are "for profit" kind of guys hiding behind non-profit tax schemes which they try to pass - rather well - as religious undertakings.

Robertson and Jackson do not meddle in developed countries because, like hyenas, they feed on societies that have essentially become social, political, and moral carcasses - and were one, or the other, side cannot seem to gather enough strength to tell them to mind their own business and get the hell out of their affairs. Castro's Cuba, Gaddafi's Libya, Mobutu's Zaire, Liberia under any Sargent, Saddam's Iraq, North Korea under father or son, are past stomping grounds of these despicable interlopers.

Today's Editorial from the Investor's Business Daily touches well on Jesse's weekend visit in which he demonstrated a level of ignorance on Venezuelan issues which betrays the real motives of his visit. Jesse is trying to smile all the way to the bank while Venezuela descends one more notch towards the "fifth" world. Jimmy Carter, Pat Robertson, Jesse Jackson... what a group! Can Jimmy Swaggart be far behind?

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