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Venezuelan chavista buys $1.7 mil condo in Miami

By Val Prieto | Babalu Blog

17.07.05 | I just don't get it. The chavistas say they hate Miami because it's full of Cuban and Venezuelan exiles. Then they turn around and move here.

Case in point: Chavista oil man Eudo Carruyo. He just bought himself a $1.7 million condominium in a ritzy part of Miami. It's at 848 Brickell Key Drive, Numero 404. Chavez yells and screams about representing the poor, but this guy, Eudo "The Treasurer" Carruyo, who's a bigshot at PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company, quietly represents the chavista plutocrats who are getting rich off Venezuela's oil boom.

So ... does this creep have a salary that would justify a $1.7 million condo purchase in Miami? This would have to be a second home, at least, because he probably lives in Caracas. Miami's just his crash pad between parties. He might have another over in Houston somewhere, too. Does he really earn this kind of money? While Venezuela's poor cannot get jobs and must shop in Chavez's "free" stores? I think we know the answer to this.

Venezuela is awash in corruption. fidel is having a field day and god knows how much he's getting his hands on. And Chavez's crummy minions, when they are not crashing their $200,000 Lamborghinis (as old Eudo's no-good wastrel son did in Key Biscayne a couple months ago) are busy buying up condos in Miami. How'd you like to have this pig for your neighbor? Watch your silverware!

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