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Fidel Castro's Gulag

Editorial from | The Real Cuba

16.07.05 | This is a replica of the cell where Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, a Cuban dissident who was sentenced to 27 years in jail by Fidel Castro, is being held.

The replica of his cell was based on the description that the Cuban doctor gave to his wife, and was constructed in the backyard of the home of James Cason, the chief of the United States Interests Section in Havana, Cuba. A little over six feet high and three feet wide, the holding cell of wood and metal features a drain on the floor for a toilet, a plastic bowl of food and a sheet for a pillow...

And what horrible crime did Dr. Biscet commit, to be sentenced to 27 years in this terrible dungeon? The Afro-Cuban doctor organized a seminar to teach his fellow Cubans about Dr. Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader, and his non-violent forms of protest. In any civilized country, Dr. Biscet would be commended for following the teachings of Dr. King, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but in Castro's animal farm, this is considered a serious crime, and Dr. Biscet was sent to jail for 27 years!!

Have you heard the Black Caucus denounce such monstrous crime? NO!

Have you heard Jesse Jackson denounce the racist totalitarian regime of Fidel Castro? NO!

Have you heard Rep. Maxine Waters open her mouth in defense of Dr. Biscet? NO!

Have you heard Rep. Charles Rangel criticize Castro for sending someone to jail for following the teachings of Martin Luther King? NO!

Have you heard the NAACP say a word in defense of Dr. Biscet? NO!

Have you heard the Rev. Lucious Walker or his Pastors for Peace say a word about this crime? NO!

Because these false leaders would never criticize any crime committed by Castro, even if it is against one of their Afro-Cuban brothers whose only crime was to follow the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Please contact the NAACP and these Black political and religious leaders and ask them what is the reason that they are not supporting Dr. Biscet!

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