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Oy Hugo Chavez: the 'soberano' is knocking on your door...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 12.07.05 | ... to say "todos somos damnificados, todos somos venezolanos y todos estamos con Ud." What a profound line! If it weren't for the suffering of some of my countrymen I would actually celebrate this argument as an unequivocal sign of people's, or the 'soberano' as Chavez loves to call them, awakening. Slowly but surely more popular discontent builds up against the regime. At this stage many Venezuelans continue to believe the official line; i.e. the country's problems are caused by the US or by the long gone previous political establishment or some other incredible mantras. However soon they will realize that any and all relevant orders emanate from Miraflores, the very place where they have gathered to protest today.

The story about Chavez being good and his servile ministers being responsible for the bad things won't hold forever and when realization times comes, together with the disgust of learning that one's hopes and dreams meant nothing to one's idol, that day, Huguito, you'll have to take a one way trip to Cuba, for the dispossessed, acting on your empty promises and claiming what you've told it's theirs, won't be cowed as easily, accustomed to a life of violence as they are, as the oligarchs from Altamira. Be prepared.

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