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Terrorism hits home, again...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 08.07.05 | Yesterday's terrorist attacks left us in awe. Even though most Londoners sort of knew that it was only a matter of time for it to happen, one must pause and try to analyze the events in the appropriate light and context. As it happens, the bus bombed was one assigned to route 30, which is often boarded by either me or my wife on our daily morning trip to take our daughter to school at, precisely, the time when the explosion took place. Ergo a terrorist attack always put things into perspective.

For instance a couple of days ago I posted a note asking people to contribute with Vcrisis and become involved with the running of this site, convinced, as I was, of the futility of informing on the situation of a country, that not even a great portion of its inhabitants seem to care about. Yesterday's images of the destruction and suffering brought upon innocent people however only fueled my anger towards those who engage in such practices and strengthen my conviction of the need of rooting them, and their supporters, out from whenever they may be. Terrorism, I have always said it, is a very effective method to spread fear and fear, once installed in people's psyche, has paralyzing effects. However terrorism is a double-edged sword for there are some that dread attacks and feel that only through negotiations, concessions and appeasement solutions to end terrorism can be found. This doctrine is widely espoused by most Europeans and those who stand on the left of the political divide. Recently Rodriguez Zapatero implemented this policy with ETA and terrorist attacks by the Basque group resumed after a long hiatus.

On the other side of the coin, there are individuals like Tony Blair or George Bush who remain steadfast in their committment to eradicate terrorism from the face of this earth. Tough luck...

There's a shared feeling amongst Londoners today; whatever the future may be they will not be defeated or cowed by terrorism and such stance can only be commended and supported.

The Galloways and the Benns were salivating and could not wait to place the blame on Blair's shoulders. Immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and devolution of lands to Palestine will solve the issue of world terror or so they say. Red Ken gave some startling declarations from Singapore, expressing, quite rightly, that the attack was not on the mighty and the powerful but on multi-ethnic multi-religious innocent working people. His statements however, together with those radical leftists who keep at blaming capitalism and globalization for humanity's problems, are hollow and utterly hypocritical for these same individuals have expressed total support for leaders like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. And speaking about hollow statements, who can take seriously the 'condemnation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela', when we have witnessed how narcoterrorists from Colombia's FARC go about their business with total normality and official protection in Venezuela?

But of course, it is not the same to pontificate the little indians in far away lands upon how good life is meant to be under ruthless 'revolutionary' rulers than actually being victims of terrorist actions at your doorstep, isn't it George, Tony, Ken?

Radical extremists are not the sort of creatures that can be invited to a negotiating table to reach consensus and find solutions. They see the world through their tainted cristal and only their god and beliefs are to be preached, upheld and abided. Needless to say that such system is condemned to failure from the get go for it's a demonstrable fact that no human being prefers oppression over freedom. Hence the fight against terrorism must continue in earnest; supporters of terrorism ought to be investigated, shunned and discredited before the international community; legislation needs be passed to jail for life, a la John Gotti, those found responsible for heinous crimes for, engaging in such acts against innocent people, forfeits any and all their rights.

Today, more than ever, I'm with Blair and my feeling is that of a Londoner.

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