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Is This The Hugo Chavez to Evo Morales Money Connection??

By Boli-Nica

15.06.05 | On 6/2 I had posted gossip about Evo getting lots of money from suddenly cash-rich Bolivian Produce Wholesalers in Argentina. My speculation on the origin of the money, was definitively off, as Venezuela-insider points out, in his response which is a really, really, interesting read.

How about the press picking up on this one??? Or the left, which is bitching about the US's 'role'.

What happens in Buenos Aires is this: Hugo Chavez is financing Evo Morales through Argentina. Under the guiding hand of Freddy Balzán, for a while Venezuela's ambassador to Argentina, a group of Bolivian Evo Morales supporters were instructed to set up wholesale produce coops. These are all-cash businesses. The proceeds from these businesses, millions of dollars, are mingled with the Freddy Balzán supplied funds (Chavez's money), and sent to Evo Morales to fuel the takeover in Bolivia.

Summing it up, it is basically the Chavez regime's way of laundering money through an all cash business. And make it appear as though Evo Morales gets his support from Bolivians in Argentina rather than directly from the Venezuelan strongman.

This makes complete sense, what better way to launder Chavez crooked money??? In Bolivia even modest sums can go a long way.

Chavez IS dangerous. My greatest fear would be him funneling guns to Evo's cohorts, for what could be a civil war.

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