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Son of CITGO & Petróleos de Venezuela Official Arrested

By G. Reyes and C. Ocando | El Nuevo Herald

Miami, 6 May 2005 | A state judge in Miami on Monday (9 May) will give notice, concerning charges of manslaughter to Eudo Enrique Carruyo, the son of a high official of Petróleos de Venezuela —PDVSA- (parent company of CITGO), involved in an accident that claimed the life of the passenger he was with while he was driving under the influence of alcohol, according to court records.

Carruyo, age 35, was driving a Lamborghini vehicle registered under his name when it crashed in Key Biscayne shortly before dawn last 17 April, according to reports from the Miami Dade County Circuit Court.

The accident victim was identified as Tulio Velandria, also of Venezuelan nationality.

Eudo is the son of Eudomario Carruyo, a high official of PDVSA and a member of the board of directors of CITGO, the US gasoline distributor owned by PDVSA.

Manuel Díaz, Eudo´s attorney, told El Nuevo Herald that he preferred not making any comments about the case, which has drawn a lot of interest in Venezuela owing to the importance of the position held by the father of the accused.

“I understand there is a lot interest in this case in Venezuela but this is a delicate matter upon which I am not in a position to comment,” explained Díaz.

According to the report by the county detective, W. Hervey, Eudo was driving a silver 2004 Lamborghini on north Crandon Boulevard, the main avenue in Key Biscayne.

Along the 4000 block, Eudo lost control of the vehicle, which skidded, left the road and rammed into a tree. The passenger died upon impact around 5:10 in the morning, explained Hervey.

The Key Biscayne rescue team reported to the scene to administer first aid, at which moment "a strong odor of alcohol on the breath of the accused” was detected, affirms the report.

Minutes later Eudo was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he was placed under arrest. The accused was still confined to that hospital yesterday. A spokesperson for the hospital explained that his health condition was satisfactory.

According to the report, Eudo’s permanent residence is Venezuela even though the automobile is registered under his name at a Coral Gables address.

Last 20 April the judge released Eudo under bond after payment of $100,000 bail and the surrender of his passport. Eudo Enrique Carruyo appears in the Florida business registry as manager of the firm Transatlantic Flight LLC, with headquarters in Coral Gables.

Translation by W.K.

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