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Chavez's News Alert: USA invades Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.05.05 | That's right folks; the USA is invading Venezuela as I type these words. A full blown military attack has been ordered and it's been deployed; World War III has begun now between the quixotic and lethal military forces of Venezuela and the USA. Reports coming straight out of the presidential mouth in Caracas have already alerted about the evolving confrontation. The only problem, for Hugo Chavez, seems to be that no planes or warships or infantry are on sight. The latest technology developed by the best US strategists, engineers and army pundits has permitted for the conflict to be taken to the mental level, i.e. to that imaginary field known as Hugo Chavez's Venezuela. The losses are reportedly unspeakable; mind you the dispossessed of the whole South American continent, that were saved from tyranny by the godly hand of Chavez and came in their millions to defend the liberating messiah, were the first to perish...

Only a war is going to save Chavez from prison; only thousands of deaths and the total anhilation of Venezuela will cover the otherwise gigantic failure of his 'revolution'. The saddest thing of all is that whilst every index of Venezuela keep showing alarming signs news sources, such as Reuters, have the inexplicable desire of publishing such idiotic remarks of Hugo Chavez, who in a rather pathetic and desperate attempt to deviate attention from the cataclysmic debacle which is falling upon him , that is to say the cash cow (a.k.a. PDVSA) is dying, cries that the wolf is already on him. Get fucking serious people!!!

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