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Snap Technologies' Octavio Marquez malicious calls

By Aleksander Boyd

London 03.05.05 | On Sunday 24th of March El Universal published an interview of Roberto Giusti to myself. The response of the usual chavista sycophants did not take long. On Monday 25th Roy Carson posted, under his pen name Carlos Herrera, an article in his Vheadline website packed with the usual prevarications. In January this year, due to a similar article, I took issue with Octavio Marquez of Snap Technologies, which provides the hosting to Vheadline. He seemed a reasonable enough man; he even simpathise with my concerns of Roy Carson publishing my contact details and address stating that as a father he could understand my preoccupation. Octavio Marquez then talk to Roy Carson and requested him to remove the said information, which was done, not before links to the WHOIS database for my domain were conveniently posted instead of the more specific details that were the object the issue. Octavio Marquez and I convene for me to send him an email entitled "Terms of Agreement" in which I stated that I would not issue legal proceedings against him, or his company as hosting provider for Vheadline, for my issue was with Roy Carson.

True to my word I did not do anything else until last Friday when, in view of the latest rant, I sent him a reminder of our agreed terms. He did not reply. So I sent another email today, this time round I copied Roy Carson, whose response was ever so gentlemanly, typical of a chavista who lives by his pro-constitutional, pro-democracy and pro-Venezuela precepts. So what would Octavio Marquez, a responsible Mexican-Canadian entrepreneur do to remedy this situation? This afternoon at around 5.25 (London time) he got on the phone to yours truly and said without mincing words "if you continue sending me emails I am the one who's going to get on a plane to the UK to beat the crap out of you". He then call a second time (5.28 PM London time) to tell me how pathetic and childish I was and that he could not do anything in regards to Roy Carson latest stalking activities, despite the fact that he is meant to be the principal of the company that hosts Vheadline.

If I remember correctly, when Eva Golinger threatened to sue me for defamation raising the issue with my host provider, they immediately got in touch with me asking me either to remove the damaging material or face the legal consequences. The fact that the information published was true, susceptible of successful cross examination and in the public domain appease the concerns voiced my host provider. When one compares the aforesaid with Roy Carson's posting of pictures of this area, his easy to debunk arguments, coupled with Octavio Marquez's honourable and respectful behaviour one realizes that birds of a feather flock together.

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