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Ecuador didn't want a Chavez like ruler: Gutierrez gets ousted

By R.T.

29.04.05 | Following the footsteps of his role model Hugo Chavez, Lucio Gutiérrez decided to take control of all powers of the state for his personal benefit. Thus Rule of Law in Ecuador vanished in fifteen days. When Gutiérrez was about to be impeached for using public property and funds to campaign for his party on regional elections -normal procedures of Chavez in Venezuela- he got a majority in Congress by using bribery and selling favors and, breaking every law available, managed to control the Constitutional Court and the Elections Tribunal on November 2004, again Venezuela anyone? In this way, no one would be able to prosecute his unconstitutional activities, and no referendum of any kind will be allowed to the people or his opponents. A few days later, he and his new allies in Congress ousted the President of Congress and named a new one, and immediately fired all Supreme Court Justices, replaced them with their cronies, obviating that by law only Justices can fire Justices and replace themselves.

Public opinion leaders started attacking these constitutional violations and Gutierrez, using the military intelligence, police, and paid murderers stroke back to every opponent trying to intimidate them.

In the meanwhile Gutierrez had to prop up his two populist allies; Alvaro Noboa would not pay around 200 million in taxes, and Abdala Bucaram’s criminal charges would be dropped.

When Bucaram’s criminal trial was canceled by the head of the de facto Supreme Court and he arrived in Ecuador, the citizens could not stand it anymore and protests “at night” started to grow, not asking only for respect to the Constitution, as before, but demanding Gutierrez's resignation. Bucaram’s first words upon arrival were that he was the leader of a Bolivarian Revolution for the poor a la Chavez.

Gutierrez must have realized what a mistake he did by allowing Bucaram’s return with no charges, and decided to calm down public opinion by ousting the de facto Supreme Court justices he had named a few months earlier. This move was already a cheek. Five days later he was legally ousted by Congress for abandoning his position as President to openly become a Dictator.

In comes Lula, Gutierrez's partner, to rescue him and put him in a safe place. While the Gutierrez regime was constantly attacking multinationals, especially on the energy sector, Petrobras’ oil reserves in Ecuador had grown from 2003 to 2004 more than 100%. Why would Petrobras invest in a country that does not respect contracts? That illegal attitude towards multinationals scared investors and they were selling whatever they could cheaply to get out. A prety good business for... Petrobras-Lula-Gutierrez. Not to forget other deals between the two governments on electricity that must be reviewed immediately, as well.

Lula and Fidel -the most admired tyrant of the 20th century- have been partners for years to overcome the fall of the Berlin Wall and impose the Castro style regime in Latin America. Their club is called 'Foro de Sao Paulo', and it was their idea to form this South American Community of Nations, now in its initial steps, and base it on “energy” consolidation: a great state-owned oil company they want. Socialists said "oh what a great idea!" But without rule of law, that South American oil giant will not be state owned but owned by the owners of the state: the dictators, PDVSA anyone? The Organization of the American States has shown its full support to this Lula-Fidel plan. They showed to the world that “democracy” for them means an elected president, no matter what the elected leader does once in office or whether it becomes a dictator doing away with institutions and the Rule of Law. The OAS will defend the elected president to the point of lying about referendum results in order to protect their concept of 'democracy', as they did in Venezuela last August. The OAS will turn a blind eye on all constitutional violations, as they did in the Ecuadorian case. Oh, but if the dictator is legally ousted, then they will quickly show up trying to defend him.

The OAS, and its democracy charter, supported by the caviar left in America -the USAID bureaucracy- have created a network of leftoids called the Inter American Democracy Network, which tries to redefine democracy, changing it by anarchy. For instance they supported the Gutierrez campaign. They never called Gutierrez a dictator, playing the game of the OAS. They were just complaining about the court packing plan in Ecuador, never to the dictator –who was the creator of the mess- but to Congress, always protecting the elected ‘dictócrata’ as Gutierrez called himself, same as Hugo Chavez.

It is not a secret the close friendship between Chavez and Castro. Lula has publicly supported Chavez as well. Chavez and Gutierrez were the new arrivals to the club founded by Fidel Castro and Lula.

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