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Assemblywoman Iris Varela Accuses CIA of Plotting to Kill US Military Personnel Stationed in Venezuela

From Cadena Global

Caracas, 26 April 2005 | Iris Varela, Member of the National Assembly, representing the ruling MVR party, made allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was behind a plan to assassinate US military officers who are working in Venezuela as part of an existing military accord between the two countries, with the intention of justifying a climate of “political destabilization” in Venezuela.

“The information made available to us was that they were preparing an assassination plot against US military officers, so as to fulfill that prophecy made by the director of the CIA that 2005 was going to be a year of political instability for Venezuela" stated Varela.

The assemblywoman thus lent support to what was said this Sunday by President Hugo Chávez, who assured that this sort of actions could very likely be carried out in order to tarnish bilateral relations and justify armed intervention in the country.

She also gave support to the president’s decision to put an end to the military accord with the United States, and suggested that US military personnel be on the lookout, “because from within the CIA laboratories could very well emerge assassination plots against them, and we have the information; we have the proof.”

Translated by W.K.

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