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Son of PdVSA & CITGO Executive Crashes Lamborghini in Key Biscayne Killing One Person


27.04.05 | Miami|Caracas, Posted 26 April 2005 | In Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida, the news Monday was the fatal crash which occurred Monday night, involving the sports vehicle, driven by Eudomario Carruyo, Jr., son of PdVSA and CITGO director Eudomario Carruyo, Sr. Carruyo left a party at the home of another Venezuelan identified as the owner of the Hotel Sun Way in Tucacas (Venezuela). "When Eudy was about to leave the party, Tulio (referring to Tulio Velandia) asked to go along, not knowing what awaited him, said a person close to a caterer at the party in Key Biscayne, referring to the deceased young man, who was in the company of Carruyo and suffered the worse part of the impact: he died instantly.

The vehicle driven by Eudy Carruyo, son of Finance Director of PdVSA, Eudomario Carruyo, Sr., was a Lamborghini Gallardo 2005. This latest model has a value of USD 175,000 and is purchased only by extremely rich magnates, lovers of speed and luxury. It is a 2005 Gallardo Lamborghini, 10 cylinders, and 5.0 engine, with a price of approximately 464 million bolivars.

How come this young man owns such a luxurious car? What explanation lies behind the ownership of such a costly automobile? Is it only magnates, lovers of luxury and speed, the ones who purchase those cars?

Translated by W.K.

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