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Venezuela's Information Minister replies re Ecuador's Bucaram & Gutierrez...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 23.04.05 | A journalist friend from Venezuela just sent a message she received from Information Minister Andres Izarra regarding a question she sent to her contacts. Please take note of the language used by Minister Izarra who keeps accusing the Venezuelan media of being disrespectful. Also note the disdain of this 'civil servant'.


Mandé un mensaje hace unos minutos a la red de TMotions. Mi mensaje:

Globovision le pregunto al Ministrico de Informacion si Bucaran esta en el pais. Fue negado, "Bucaran no esta aqui", dijo Estrellita. ¿Sera como cuando Montesinos???

Y 3 minutos después recibí un mensaje del bachiller Izarra, Ministrico de Información. A quien yo apodo "Estrellita":

No vieja bruja, no es como cuando Montesinos, es como con Lucio, que tus medios de desinformación andan anunciando su llegada por Maracaibo desde hace dos días. Deja de mentir.
Andres Izarra

¡Qué fino!. Claro, no era de esperar otra cosa....

Por lo tanto, alguien le hizo llegar mi mensaje al ministrico Estrellita. El como que está muy ocupado y no se enteró que fueron los medios ecuatorianos quienes anunciaron que Gutierrez estaba en camino a Maracaibo. End of message


Few minutes ago I sent a message to the TMotions (portable emailing devices) network. My message:

Globovision asked the Minister of information (Izarra) whether or not Bucaran (former president of Ecuador) is in the country. It was denied, "Bucaran is not here" said little star. Could it be like the case of Montesinos?

Three minutes after I received a message from high school graduate Izarra, mini Minister of Information to whom I call "little star":

No you old witch, it isn't like Montesinos' case, but like Lucio's (Gutierrez), whose arrival in Maracaibo keeps being announced by your misinformation outlets since two days ago. Stop lying.
Andres Izarra

Ah the finesse! But of course, nothing else could have been expected...

Therefore someone must have sent my message to mini Minister "little star". He must be very busy and didn't notice that it is the Ecuadoran media that have announced that Gutierrez was on his way to Maracaibo.

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