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Venezuela: Two cynics come out of the woods again today

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

22.04.05 | It was a day for the cynics to come out of the woods today:

(picture of Adolfo Tascon courtesy of Noticiero Digital, thanks Ed!)

1) Deputy Luis (alias Adolph) Tascon came out and said that his infamous list was actually purchased for “thousands of dollars” from an executive of ONG Sumate. This is actually quite good, as it gives more material for the Prosecutor to investigate. For example Tascon could explain to us why:

- He didn’t say anything about this before, as was his duty.

- Why he participated in acquiring what was clearly illegal property, as was his duty.

- Why didn’t he denounce a “thousands of dollars transaction” in a country where it is illegal today to carry out such a transaction as well as being illegal to hold “thousands of dollars”, as was his duty.

- Why he went ahead and posted it anyway and used it in the way he did, despite knowing its obscure and illegal origin.

Tascon’s immunity as a Deputy of the National Assembly should be removed, so that all of these crimes committed by him and others can be fully investigated.

2) The other cynic that showed his face was the People’s Ombudsman who said that it was a defaming to accuse an “institution of human rights” like the one he presides. It turns out that someone that worked in his office accused him today of firing her for signing against Chavez. I loved his “human righties” answer: “No, I fired her because, I could and no law protected her!”. You have to love this guy. He would not recognize a human right he ever saw one, he always argues law (if he is not traveling), but he comes out to defend the indefensible.

Where was German Mundarain, the People’s Ombudsman on April 11th, 12th. 2002? Where was he when the human rights were violated in dozens of marches, people getting killed and injured? Where was he when the Tascon list was openly used to fire and abuse people? Where was he when kids were violently kicked out of their homes by the National Guard? When Jose Vilas was shot in the back by the National Guard? When soldiers were burned and burned and burned alive in their cells?

Human Rights? Defamation? Give me a break, German!

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