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Venezuela: The McCarthyst list exists

By Teodoro Petkoff | Tal Cual

19.04.05 | The President, from the Guayana region, ordered Governors, Mayors and Ministers to “file and bury Tascon's list”, that McCarthyist piece that makes these revolutionaries relatives of that North American Senator that unleashed a “witch hunt” in his country in the 50’s.

Chavez says that “that moment is left behind” that “the famous list surely fulfilled an important role at a certain time, but that is past”. The President told us that he had received letters that “make me think that still in some spaces they have Tascòn’s list on the table to determine whether a person will or not work”

“A confesión de partes, relevo de pruebas” (When people confess, you need no proof) Mr. Prosecutor, can you, with the diligence that is customary in you, begin to act? It is only a matter of guaranteeing the respect of the rights and constitutional guarantees, like the Constitution says. The shamelessness of the “process” has no parallel. The President of the country himself, the highest functionary in the nation, the number one public servant, admits-without blushing or shame- that in his “revolution” a list of political preferences is used to give or take jobs away. And that before-and this is perhaps worse- it had full justification: “It filled an important role”, to say it with his own words.

What was that role, Mr. President? To scare, to threaten, to coerce those that were on the list so that, for example, they would not exercise their right to vote against you? What other role could it have been?

You see, Mr. Prosecutor, there is material. And if you are lacking it, look again at the “bicha” (Constitution)

You don’t even have to read it all

In article 3, so that I don’t have to go far, it reads: “the State has as its essential end the defense, and the development of the person and the respect for his dignity, the democratic exercise of popular will, the building of a just society which is peace loving, the promotion of prosperity and well being of the people and the guarantee of fulfilling the principles rights and obligations recognized and consecrated in this Constitution”.

But the height of cynicism is that of Deputy Adolfo Tascon, that outstanding student of Jose Vicente Rangel.

“My intention was never to persecute anyone. That is not revolutionary behavior, that is fascist behavior”, says Little Adolph. And he adds that he withdrew his masterpiece-the list- from his webpage, once the recall vote was over.

That is, once it “fulfilled an important role”

What is clear is the existence of the list and its use-cowardly, lowly, illegitimate-it is a crime and the state is obligated to correct what happened during that period that began before August 2004 and it only admitted publicly recently via the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela himself and by Adolfo Tascon If the Prosecutor- and his buddies of the Citizens Power, that is Mundarain and Clodosvaldo- need something more to act, it should be sufficient that they jump to Article 21, paragraph 2: “Will adopt positive measures in favor of groups that may be discriminated, segregated or vulnerable, will specially protect those persons that for one of the reasons specified before, will find itself in manifest weakness and WILL SANCTION the abuses and mistreatment that is committed against them"

You can Mr. Prosecutor, you only need the will.

This story will continue.

Translated by Miguel Octavio.

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