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The impossible mission of Spain's Moratinos

By Aleksander Boyd

London 16.04.05 | Spain's Foreign Secretary Miguel Angel Moratinos expressed from Washington "the military ships and planes sold to Venezuela ought to be considered as humanitarian aid". Whilst in Capitol Hill he was scolded by both Republicans and Democrats with respect to the shady relationship that Spain maintains of late with the Cuban dictator and his Venezuelan toyboy. What's more, John Kerry declined to a pre-arranged meeting with him. However Zapatero's representative did have the time to keep at defending the indefensible and went as far as to suggest that Bush may be ready to meet with Zapatero. Well I for one doubt very much that such meeting will ever materialise, in light of the infatuation that Spain's administration seem to have with dictators and terrorists sponsors.

Moratinos is also quoted as "preoccupied" for the situation in Ecuador, where President Lucio Gutierrez dismissed the justices of the Supreme Court. Building upon Montesquieu's principles of separation of powers, the charlatan expressed that in order to attain independence of powers the latter ought to have autonomy. One must wonder whether he was at all concerned vis-a-vis the 'needed' independence when Spain decided to sale weapons to Hugo Chavez. An increasingly belligerent Chavez makes daily radical calls to his supporters to 'defend the nation' against 'imperialist attacks' -that are to begin any time now according to chavistas- and is rapidly advancing his 'revolutionary' campaigns, seeking to form a 1.5 million strong reservists army that shall be directly under his command. Of course none of it worries the Spaniard, after all Fidelito's has got a pile of cash that he's willing to spend in Spanish military goodies.

Moratinos is sort of 'extending' an olive branch to the US, in the belief that their double discourse will appease the US administration or win them entry into Bush's circle of friends, wishfully thinking that the US will forget, just like that, Zapatero's decision to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq and his vocal opposition against the Bush and Blair coalition once he won Spain's presidency. American politicians should be extremely wary of the hypocritical stance of the Spanish government, that have had no qualms in arming a failed coupster that seeks to destabilize the whole region via his narcoterrorist mates. Such a pathetic overture ought to be frowned by Bush. To regain lost respect Spain should weight its policies regarding Venezuela and Cuba. After all the 'friendship' of two pariahs is not worth the aggravation.

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