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From bizarre to bizarro: News from Venezuela

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

07.03.05 | The story on the attempt on Chavez' life gets more bizarre. Now the Venezuelan Vice-President says that it was the former US Ambassador to Venezuela Charles Shapiro that warned him about a possible attempt on Chavez' life. Rangel says that for "legal" reasons the US Government had to tell the Venezuelan Government about it.

OK, let me think out loud what is going on. The US Government decides it needs to get rid of Chavez, but because of legal reasons that prevent the US Government from killing a foreign President, then the US Government tells the Venezuelan Government to satisfy the US laws. I guess now that they have fullfilled the legal steps they can go ahead and do it, no? Interesting system!

In the same statements, rangel says that the result of the meeting between Chavez and Cisneros, who owns a TV station, is that now that TV station has stopped "conspiring" against Chavez. I gues they mean, has stopped saying bad things about the Government, which is called censorship anywhere else. Another achievement for Carter!

To complete the bizarre statements, General Baduell tells the Cuban press that the US has created an unbalance of power and disequilibrium since the "Patriots Act" went into effect. Well, I have read the Patriot's Act, and Baduell has clearly no clue what that Act is all about, since its has nothing to do with funding or combat power in the world.

But hey! How much more bizarro can it get that Jimmy Carter is on vacation in Venezuela this weekend with none other than Cisneros. Celebrating the implementation of censorship or getting paid? I sure hope the sharks are qutte active this weekend in Los Roques, they will only scare him, they know better than not to eat him, they could get indigestion.

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