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Paramilitary personnel trained as medical techs for deployment to Venezuela

From Cubanet

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, February 24 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / - A group of 600 members of paramilitary forces from the central Cuban provinces have been enrolled in intensive courses in several medical specialties since January for eventual deployment to Venezuela.

The students are enrolled at the Abel Santamaría School for Social Workers, in Santa Clara, Alexander Agüero, a local dissident, said, quoting what he called a reliable inside source.

According to the source, the student body is composed of men and women, 17 to 45, coming from any of the various Security and Protection Corps of the National Ministries, and from the general military service, by special recommendation of Military Counterintelligence.

The specialties taught at the school include nursing, epidemiology, and X-ray technician. The three-month courses for pre-selected parties aim to insure the personnel deployed to Venezuelan duty be less likely to seek to remain there or in a third country.

The Cuban government has instituted a program of incentives for Cubans who agree to serve abroad in programs of International Aid. The incentives can include access to hard currency, while in service, and after completion, preferential treatment in obtaining a home, telephone service, of being able to buy a car.

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