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Venezuela's Chavez: When the going gets tough, cry murder!

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

25.02.05 | May 4th. 2002: José Vicente Rangel: “I know from the best of sources that the possibility of a Presidential assassination is being considered and we also have the information that there are obsessed people that are pushing some military officers to embark in a new coup”

Oct. 20th. 2002. Hugo Chavez: “Caliber 84 mm. length 1.20 meters, initial speed 290 meters per second, maximum reach 500 meters, average time of flight 1.2 seconds. It is an individual weapon, portable, easy to discard. We have aborted a Presidential assassination, a little more and we would not be here, a little more and we would not know what happened in Venezuela”.

Dec. 14th. 2002. Jose Vicente Rangel: “In Venezuela there are experts sharpshooters that are trying to catch the President at any moment. We don’t discard generalized terrorism, assassinations of various Government and opposition leaders. But a cold coup will not take place.”

Dec. 18th. 2002. Hugo Chavez: “If for any reason the thesis of my assassination became a reality, if I get killed, there could be a war. Because it involves me, I take care of myself.”

March 13th. 2003: Roy Chaderton (Foreign Minister): “I am bringing to this meeting evidence about the calls by the media in Venezuela and from other counties of the hemisphere made in favor of the assassination of the Venezuelan President. Venezuelan media and TV present this to the world as the most normal thing.”

July 27th. 2003. Hugo Chavez: “They are preparing my assassination. I have told this to the Dominican President. If they were preparing here an attempt against the Dominican President and I did not do anything to avoid it would not be dignified”

May 9th. 2004: Hugo Chavez: “There are people in the US that are thinking all the time on how to have a war in Venezuela, to later justify an invasion. And one of the ways they have thought about it is a presidential assassination...”

Oct. 27th. 2004: “Hugo Chavez:” I have received warnings form other parts of the world telling me: Careful Chavez! Take care of yourself because this time, it is serious, there are preparing your assassination. I say it responsibly and I promise I will take care of myself and they will not manage to do it”

Feb. 13th. 2005. Fidel Castro:” If Chávez is assassinated the whole responsibility will fall on the Government of George W. Bush”

Feb 20th. 2005. Hugo Chávez: “If something happens to me George W. Bush will be responsible”

Feb. 24th. 2005. Nicolas Maduro: “We have identified the source of this threat and the names of two people who are behind it, John Negroponte, intelligence tsar and Porter Gross, Director of the CIA.

Feb. 23d. 2005: Ali Rodriguez at the OAS: “I ratify the alert about a possible assassination; nobody can imagine the consequences of this action”

The sad thing is, it works, by now, people have forgotten about the floods, the fake data of how many died, Danilo Anderson’s murder, corruption, missing funds and all that…

Oh yes, and despite this great intelligence work, nobody is ever caught, no proof is ever revealed, nobody is ever prosecuted for trying to assassinate Chavez.

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