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George W. Bush wants to kill Hugo Chavez

By Daniel Duquenal | Venezuela News and Views

24.02.05 | Quite a headline isn't it? Today at the OAS Venezuela's foreign minister Ali Rodriguez made his case that the US trying to end Chavez's life (in English here and here). I will not even bother rebating the silliness. Actually no one serious in Venezuela worries anymore about accusations that people are trying to kill Chavez as that Rayma cartoon of last Tuesday seems to indicate

Legend: If you are going to repeat a tale, do not pick the one of the darned presidential assassination (much better in Spanish of course). But that such a supposedly serious matter is taken like a cartoon (and Rayma is not the only one) tells you volumes about the mood of the country.

Besides it does not seem that Rodriguez made his case very well. Not to mention that he was promptly retorted by the US who is getting tired of the nonsense (maybe they read our cartoons?). No wonder when you read the transcript (El Universal translation):

"Therefore, we have to take note of intelligence data pointing out that attempts are being made to liquidate our President, who has been legitimated by the Venezuelan people every time he has faced an election," Rodríguez added.

I suppose that this is the very same "intelligence" that has not finished to reveal the Danilo Anderson case or the very same "intelligence" that had Granda and others vote in Venezuelan elections.

But in a spirit of cooperation I am posting this little table I made that could give an idea on the reasons why Chavez feels there are people after him, GWB notwithstanding.

I think that the intelligent readers of this blog will know how to figure out where the smoke screens really are.

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