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Google News High Standards, Exhibit D

By lgf

23.02.05 | Here’s another lovely site that meets Google News’ standards: VHeadline, a Venezuelan Chavez propaganda organ. (Hat tip: Mora.) Here’s a quote from their current top story, an insane antisemitic rant titled “Know Who Your REAL Enemy Is!”

What these South American democratic leaders have to take onboard is that it is not the US politicians in the White House or Congress or the Senate; nor the military generals of the Pentagon; nor the spooks in the CIA; nor the equivalent spooks in the US Defense Department that they have to counter on the global chessboard for they are just the puppets. No it is the puppet masters, those very few ‘Illuminati’ who they have to counter.

Who are they?

Another name for them is ‘Zionists’ and yet another ‘Big Time Bankers’ who reside in Switzerland and Amsterdam and London and Bonn ... and their minions who reside in practically every capital of the world including Caracas!

As I have written before it is the global elite — the bankers who have from behind the scenes pulled the strings of their political puppets to organize and run wars since time immemorial. There is money to be made from war!

Their policies (protocols) are all set down in ‘The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.’ These protocols are definitely not the rantings of some crazed lunatic as the these puppet masters would have us believe.

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