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Terrorism means nothing to Spain's Rodriguez Zapatero

By Aleksander Boyd

London 20.02.05 | Daily El Pais reports that the Hugo Chavez administration will purchase four corvettes (light military ships) to Spain. The €600-€800 million deal was broker during Spain's Minister of Defence Jose Bono's last visit to Caracas on January 25th. Purportedly Chavez would also be interested in acquiring six transport planes of the C-295 type.

Socialist Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was not elected on his own merits, or those of his failed party PSOE, but rather due to the reaction of the Spanish electorate to the Madrid bombing; a terrorist attack that was not very well handled, politically speaking, by Aznar and his cabinet. Zapatero, a rather gauche and inept politician, against all predictions won the race. Pundits, PSOE's Luis Felipe Gonzalez and King Don Juan Carlos included, have commented that his policies are taking Spain down the road of international alienation for let us not forget that Spain's Europarlamentarians lobbied actively for the establishment anew of laces with Fidel Castro, actions that have been criticized by widely respected figures.

Thus it is not surprising that said pathetic cartoon of a Prime Minister, whom reached office only because of terrorist atrocities, has got no qualms in accepting the extended helping hand -millions of euros that is- of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's terrorists-supporter president.

Una mano lava l’altra e tuté due lavano il viso!

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