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The CIA on Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

NOTE: is dedicated to informing the American public about contemporary Venezuela, and receives its funding from the government of the USA. More information is available from the FARA office of the Department of Justice in Washington DC.

Recent commentary provided by our esteemed Director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has confirmed that Venezuela is a haven for narcoterrorists and other undemocratic elements. The statements came after FARC leader Rodrigo Granda, captured in the streets of Caracas from where he happened to conduct illegal affairs including leading an international kidnaper ring that recently assassinated Cecilia Cubas (daughter of former Paraguayan President Raśl Cubas), volunteered to share crucial information with the agency in that respect. Worth noting that Granda's arrest is not an isolated event; on the contrary other notorious criminals, wanted by international law enforcement agencies, such as Wladimiro Montesinos and Jose Maria Ballestas, were also captured in Venezuela where they had been protected by top officials of the Chavez administration according to Granda's declarations...

London 17.02.05 | Quick question: would anyone with two ounces of brain believe the above information in light of the source of the funding? YES or NO? I heard you all right; then how on earth the paid advocates of Hugo Chavez pretend that their writings will be taken at face value, without throwing into question their credibility, given their source of income? Are you listening Eva? Greg? Andreses? Dawn? More than insulting our intelligence you are leaving a pretty darn accurate picture of yours...

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