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Awards of the day in Venezuela

By Daniel Duquenal | Venezuela News and Views

11.02.05 | To close this rather emotional day I wish to grant some awards as I used to do a few months ago.

=== === === === === ===

Craven person of the day

Hugo Chavez, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

After an absence of a few days he reappeared today in huff to try to take the limelight away from the Vargas II disaster. Among the many memorable words uttered were platitudes on bolivarian love and solidarity, a condemnation to the US and what not, a show camera hogging in front a refugee boat, and a few other pearls that are not worth reporting.

Yet all of this will not be enough to explain how come 5 years AFTER Vargas I and 1.5 billion dollars in investments, the Vargas littoral is so vulnerable, how the waters broke away as if nothing, how the new road that you refused the US to help you build was washed out as a sand castle, etc...

Who is responsible Mr. President? Who are you going to fire? Who is going to tell us where those 1.5 billions have gone? In whose pockets? If you need help understanding my questions I suggest that you read Tal Cual editorials that I gracefully reproduce for you here. You could also reply the real questions that the people from the rescue boat were asking you and that your TV crew skilfully hid during your tasteless one man show on the docks.

Hypocrite of the day
Flat earther of the day

(special double award)

Jose Vicente Rangel, vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

For trying to dodge the government responsibility on the Vargas mismanagement of 5 years by blaming the US for the rain for not signing the Kyoto protocol. In a stupefying performance all the floods of the world were blamed on the US. We knew you were manipulating all the naīve followers of your movement we did not know you thought so little of them to manipulate them in such a way.

Besides lying as you breathe, you showed a crass ignorance of science, climate, drought, el Niņo and what not. Yes, JVR, the earth is round and one day it will bite your rear end.

Tonto util of the day
(special joint award)

Renaud Muselier, French foreign minister and the personnel of the French embassy in Caracas. During a recent memorable and scandalous visit, you congratulated pollution ridden and devastated Venezuela and presented it as a model just because it signed the Kyoto protocol. This of course as France is trying really bad to get the contracts to exploit the highly polluting heavy oil belt of the Orinoco, not to mention that sulfur rich Venezuelan oil is also a great source of pollution. With this any pretense to civilization that France holds should be revised and replaced by the crassest mercantile values and disregard for the third world. Then again, France's actions in Africa should have warned us.

I could give more awards, but with these ones it should be enough to join soon Tulio Alvarez who is the first official freedom of expression victim today.

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