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FOX News report on Venezuela's land invasions

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.02.05 | Today marks the 13th anniversary of the coup d'etat attempted and led by Hugo Chavez against a democratically elected president in which, some say, more than 100 innocent Venezuelans were killed. Unfortunately said criminal went on to become the president of our nation and now wields absolute power that he exercises, without restraints of any sort, as he sees fit. The illegal confiscation of private lands is but one example of the perception of the Rule of Law that Chavez has got. However, his socialist propaganda appears to have 'convinced' only those who have direct stakes with the regime or something to gain out of it, for the rest have realized that democratic precepts espoused by a president that supports, finances, cuddles with, nationalizes and even defends narcoterrorists and internationally wanted criminals are hollow; cheap rhetoric coming out from a convicted criminal's mouth.

The MSM has awakened to this tragic phenomenon. An ever increasing number of information outlets have abandoned the heretofore lenient stance vis--vis Hugo Chavez and have started to report the truth, i.e. Chavez is a real menace for hemispheric peace. Recent reports from the WP, the LA Times, Reporters Without Borders, the Inter American Press Association, HRW, the WT, the WSJ, the Guardian and the Financial Times have portrayed Venezuelan scenarios that up until had been reported only at a local level. FOX News has adopted a bold editorial line and it is calling it like it is [Windows media player]. And it must be hurting for when one sees a chavista 'information minister' sending out letters of complaint to CNN is because they must be feeling the heat.

The tide has turned, the truth is finally out. As Lincoln once put it "You can fool all people for some time, you can fool some people for all the time, but you can never fool all people, all the time".

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