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Damaging evidence of FARC - Venezuela's Chavez link

By Aleksander Boyd

London 23.01.05 | Yesterday morning I listened to what appears to be a VHF communication, although it has been reported as a telephone conversation, between FARC leaders Juan Santrich and Jorge Tivieras. Radio Caracol of Colombia reports that Tivieras is thought to be the international liaison chief of a guerrilla front with seat in Caracas, Venezuela's capital. Tivieras gives account to Santrich about 41 credentials that he has obtained for an equal number of guerrilla members to assist and participate in the officialy sponsored Bolivarian congress held in Caracas on December 6-9 2004. Furthermore Tivieras states that he is in the process of getting 59 more permits to increase FARC's delegation to the event to up to 100. He also reports with respect to transportation (buses) that has been arranged for up to 600 people and the assistance of indigenous groups to further help with their cause.

Readers may think that my reaction to that juicy bit of information was not as bombastic as it should have been. However in my defence I must say that none of that surprises me; it's just more evidence to be added to the ever growing pile of facts that already demonstrate that Hugo Chavez is a dangerous criminal and should be removed from the presidency of our nation as quickly as possible.

Neither it comes as a shock the fact that the Chavez regime, not content with the huge fiasco made out of the whole Granda issue, has actually published [1], in one of its official internet outlets, an article by Antonio Guillermo García Danglades whereby it is argued that the FARC are not a terrorist organization. Typical leftist simplification of issues and superficiality of analysis; the favorite maxims to explain the unexplainable shine through, i.e. 1) it has happened before and 2) it has happened somewhere else. And one must wonder: is the obstinate defence of terrorism, drug trade and rogue states the sort of stance that ought to be expected from a democratic, squeaky clean administration? I think not.

Mary O'Grady wrote days ago whether Hugo Chavez should be included in the list of terrorism sponsors and the answer to that is most definitely for aiding and abetting with terrorists is a crime. Sycophants of Chavez will argue that there is no proof of such allegations, however how can it be explained that a wanted terrorist picks his wife and daughter up from one of the three international airports of Venezuela (violating immigration laws and decisions of immigration authorities), leading a police commission sent by the Minister of Interior, who happens to be a close collaborator of Chavez? How can one interpret the fact that a narcoterrorist had Venezuelan citizenship? How about his presence, accompanied by at least 41 FARC guerrillas, in an official Bolivarian celebration? And the fact that Hugo Chavez takes offence by the capture of a criminal? And the report on how FARC/ELN operate in the Colombia/Venezuela border?

Chavez' terrorist ego has been evident to me all along, that is the reason why I decided to entitle this website, more than two years ago, the way I did. The onus now is on the international community. Governments all around the world need to be aware of the characteristics of Hugo Chavez and equally important, they must investigate links with terrorism that the very many staunch supporters of his may have; for who can doubt that the fellow travelers hung around, talked with, shared information and spent some quality time with members of the FARC during the Bolivarian séance? Some of the names of those supporters of Chavez can be found here, here, here, here and here.

I wonder what 'Nobel peace prize winner' Jimmy Carter makes about all this...

Addendum [1]

I once caught Minister of Information Andres Izarra lying through his teeth regarding the alleged foreign funding received by Sumate, fortunately I saved a screenshot of the official website where said remarks were posted and I could ridicule Chavez' über-defender Eva Golinger and of course Andres Izarra's remarks. Today, the regime, yet again, seems to feel repented of having posted, in an official website, an article in which the 'non-terrorist' nature of the FARC is argued. As we are only too aware of the deceitful character of the regime, I took the pain of saving the whole page, which can be seen here for future reference.

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