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Colombia - Venezuela impasse: Another day, another lie?

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

18.01.05 | One of the arguments which have been used quite a few times by Venezuelan authorities in the Granda case was that he was not added to the Interpol list of wanted persons until January 9th. this year. This is somewhat ridiculous as you would have to be really naïve to believe that the Foreign Minister of the FARC has had no relations or contacts with the Chavez Government ever. In fact, there are official Government documents that I quoted in my earlier timeline of the Granda case that show that Venezuelan Government officials, specifically the Minister of the Interior and Justice, intervened in favor of Granda’s family twice and reportedly (there is no proof, only testimony) Granda himself was present on at least one of these occasions.

Thus, the excuse that Granda was not in the Interpol list is childish and one more attempt by the Venezuelan Government to twist the truth and explain away the unexplainable.

Well, tonight both the Associated Press and EFE are reporting that Granda was in the Interpol list since January 5th. 2004. In both cases the source of the news appears to be “Colombian Government Officials” and EFE even lists the other seven members of the FARC that the Colombian Government had said that they had asked the Venezuelan Government about, which include among others: Luis Edgar Devia, alias "Raúl Reyes",; Marco León Calarcá, alias "Oliverio Medina" or "Cura Camilo", and Nubia Calderón. I wonder if they are busily removing them from the Electoral Registry right now, like they did on Granda’s case?

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