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Greg Dyke remarks on Alistair Campbell...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 15.12.04 | Greg Dyke doesn't look to me as the executive who was in charge of the BBC but more as a union leader, born and bred in the East end. Dyke was interviewed last night in Newsnight. He complained about the government, the board of directors and the "posh ladies" who sit at it, the decision to cut jobs to "please the government", he even ventured at saying that he resigned after being asked to by the board, whose members, in his opinion, didn't have the guts to sack him. Furthermore, Dyke affirmed that had that being the case -him being dismissed- no one could have known what sort of consequences said action would have caused, taking into consideration that his resignation prompted rage among BBC staffers who 'walked out' from the job, the day following his resignation.

Alistair Campbell was referred to by Dyke as "one vindictive bastard". He repeated it three times, arguing that the former third most powerful person, of Blair's administration, made the whole Gilligan-Kelly affair a personal vendetta against the Beeb. I wish the Paxo would have conducted the interview, for Gavin Esler, in my opinion, was far too soft on this cockney geezer, not Paxmanesque way of questioning there. Although Paxman has demonstrated that his incisive way of posing questions is reserved to members of cabinet or individuals with whom he may disagree politically.

Imagine now for a moment that Marcel Granier or Federico Ravel were to refer to the third most powerful person in Venezuela's administration, undoubtedly Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel, in such terms (a vindictive bastard) in a widely broadcast TV programme. How would the 'revolutionaries' react, should one take into account the new Gag Law?

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