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Venezuela News and Views best Latino Blog

By Daniel Duquenal

15.12.04 | Venezuela News and Views has won its category! With 36.3% of the votes.

Time for a short victory speech.

Thanks to all those who voted of course. I know that many of us made that effort to represent through this blog all the Venezuelan blogs that try to bring to the world a different view of Venezuela, to tell what is going on here really: The Devil's excrement and Vcrisis in particular who have not faltered, even after the somber night of August 15. If they had not continued I do not know if I would still be writing. Thanks also to VenezuelaToday for providing the best collection of links to Venezuela and facilitating the research that has to be done to write so extensively. All Venezuelan bloggers should be very indebted to this portal who is UNIQUE in offering all links from both sides of the divide.

Even if we were the least voted of all the categories, it is a start and let's hope that this will help promote ALL of our blogs outside of Venezuela, and entice more bloggers to join the good fight. We need all what we can to counter the official disinformation that the Chavez regime distributes, when not outwardly helped by certain newspapers who gobble the trash. I would like to point one in particular: The New York Times whose twisting of facts on Venezuela has left more than one wondering about what else the NYT is twisting.

With the new restrictions to information that are being installed in Venezuela, blogs are sure to become an important source of real information. And perhaps destined to make history. All non Venezuelans that are still reading these lines, remember, you read it here first.

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