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Venezuela: When a terrorist runs the show

By Miguel Octavio

07.12.04 | The Government is clearly on a full frontal attack against the media. Only today we heard:

-The Minister of Information said that the Cabinet “evaluated” the promotion of destabilization by the media, citing his former employer RCTV and local newspaper El Nacional as promoters of destabilization who are “minimizing” the case making it look like the Government is violating human rights. Well, asked Antonio Lopez, or his parents what they think about this. Or the Guevara brothers. Or the last person who made a phone call to Antonio Lopez. It appears the right to silence people for political gain is above any other right.

-Chavez himself came on and said that with the “Muzzle” bill, that goes into effect today, “mediatic terrorism is over”. According to Chavez ‘We have to start stopping the media terrorism that kidnaps our freedom; we have to start democratizing the media”. He added that the media can no longer be at the service of “mafias, elites, people without country and at the service of imperialism, remember the coup, the media war and the oil sabotage. We have defeated the oligarchic coalition, imperialist, mediatic, thanks to the people of Venezuela".

This from a guy who did not condemn the September 11th. attacks until weeks later?

Or the guy who approves a raid on a school just at the time when 1,500 kids are showing up for classes?

Or who led a coup in which more than 200 people, mostly innocent civilians were killed?

Or who spent four years advocating in favor of the violent overthrow of the Government until someone convinced him he could win the election?

Or who has threatened the opposition with his “Armed Government” Sunday after Sunday for the last six year?

Or the man who wrote essentially love letter to a terrorist?

The terrorist is definitely running the show now.

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