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Who is the real clown in the Anderson investigation?

By Miguel Octavio

06.12.04 | The Government, this via Minister of Information Izarra (who reportedly is a reader of this blog) accused the media once again of not being serious about the investigation of the death of Prosecutor Danilo Anderson. This is about the third or fourth time that this accusation is made. Let’s look at who is the real clown on this investigation:

-The Government first accused former military who live in Florida and even asked the US Government to start arresting them.

-Two Deputies in the National Assembly accused Colombian paramilitary.

-The Minister of Justice became the Chief investigator. Nothing has been heard from the Heads of police who are in charge or should be in charge of these investigations.

-The Minister of Justice made the stupid charge that Lopez’ yellow Armstrong bracelet was his identification as part for the "logia" group that killed Anderson. Who told him such stupidity?

-The Attorney General/Prosecutor began announcing “leads” and the clarification of the murder in a matter of days.

-We have not been given an explanation of why Anderson was going around at night without bodyguards.

-We have not even given an explanation why Anderson was not using his car. Is it true that the car he was killed in belonged to a banker who is being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office?

-Intelligence police and the National Guard were around the area before the Anderson murder. The explanation was that they were doing “security” operations related to crime. That was the first and last night they were seen in the area.

-No investigators have yet to question the witnesses from the stores and businesses that were still open near where the car exploded.

-How did they know it was him so quickly, if the car was not his?

-How did Government officials show up within ten minutes of the explosion and had no guards themselves? (The VP, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Information)

-Anderson was recognized by his girlfriend via a tattoo of his body. The picture of the body is too grotesque to place here, but no tattoo would survive that.

-Antonio Lopez Castillo was being followed as a suspect, but he had spent all night at home, if he was really a suspect, why wasn’t he arrested at home?

-The car in which the police that killed Lopez Castillo were following him had no identification and they never identified themselves. Despite this, the Government continues to say that Castillo was guilty because he shot at the cops. The Minister of Justice says that he fired his gun, maybe true, but the bullet that killed one of the cops was not the same caliber as that which Lopez Castillo was carrying.

-Lopez Castillo was shot eighteen times and had one shut under his chin that his lawyer says was made up close. Why?

-Why were the parents of Lopez Castillo treated so badly?

-Why is it that in so many parts of the investigation the cops never identify themselves?

-Why is it that in so many parts of the case, cops have arrested raided and interrogated people without the presence of a Prosecutor or an order? Is this the “new” Venezuela?

-Why did the Government kill the last person that Lopez Castillo talked to on the phone?

-The Guevara brothers were taken by a police force one day and “rescued” there days later by another one.

-One of the charges against the Guevara brothers is that they talked to each other before and after the explosion. Goodness Gracious two brothers talking to each other twice in one day!

-Why did the Attorney general say Guevara’s cousin had been captured and was in jail and he actually was detained four days later in a hotel in Acarigua?

-The Guevara brothers had worked for the Government in the Montesinos case and all of a sudden they are anti-Government?

-One of the Guevara brothers was the one that used to go to Miami to get paid in US dollars while Montesinos was being guarded by his brother in Caracas and the Chavez Government denied it.

-Why did a foreign expert say 250 grams of C-4 would blow up the car and body completely? Who is right?

-Why did the explosion leave no trace on the pavement?

-Why is there no hole in the bottom part of Anderson’s car?

-Why did Anderson’s body burn and not taken apart in pieces with the explosion?

-Is it true that the explosive is LAPA? LAPA is reportedly used only by ETA, the Colombian FARC and the Iraqi Jihad. Who has connections to these groups in Venezuela?

-Was Anderson about to be fired from hi job? Why?

-Why was Anderson going to Spain to meet with Judge Garzon, of Pinochet fame, the week after he was killed?

-Who ordered the raid on Hebraica? Why early Monday morning just as 1500 kids were arriving to school. (The media law prohibits scaring kids, but they have no qualms about doing this?)

-Anderson’s friend Herrera denounced the Vice-President was involved. Only the Vice-President has denied it. The “Chief” investigator in the case the Minister of Justice has said absolutely nothing about it.

-Why did some Chavistas blame the Attorney General for not prosecuting the Montesinos case?

-Who tortured Juan Guevara? Who kidnapped him? Is it true that only anonymous tips are in the file as evidence?

-If the investigation is going so well, why did the Government change the prosecutors and the investigators in charge of the case?

-According to yesterday’s El Nacional the new investigators of the case are staring from scratch, why?

-Is it true that there is evidence that active cops are involved?

Is this how a serious Government carries out an investigation? Is this a serious investigation? Who is the real clown in the case?

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