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Venezuela’s Jewish school raid: oddly silence of official media…

By Aleksander Boyd

London 29.11.04 | At 6.30AM this morning, 25 police officers raided a Jewish school and cultural centre in Venezuela's capital Caracas. Purportedly judge Maikel Moreno, investigating the death of prosecutor Danilo Anderson, gave the order. The reasons for such raid, at such place/time are still unknown. However I would like to point out to readers the oddly and sheer silence of the spin outlets of Venezuela’s regime in that respect. And that of the international media.

Vheadline and to a lesser extent Venezuelanalysis, keep pestering the internet with wonderful news stories about Venezuela. Chinese economic growth? Forget about it, is Venezuela where the action is!! Diplomatic impasses and outright ridiculous presidential behaviour? Only in the fascist media outlets controlled by the Creole oligarchs…

Danilo Anderson was assassinated, and it seems that the regime is using the death of the prosecutor to unleash an all out campaign to decimate the opposition. The methods used include political assassinations, ‘planting’ of evidence, utter violations to the rule of law and intimidation. For what would be the reason, if not to terrorize opponents, to have raided a school? What were they looking for, C4 perhaps? Rocket launchers? Biological weapons?

What strikes me this day, is that neither of the two officially sponsored Anglophone news providers aforementioned has made mention upon this story. I guess they consider the issue not news-worthy for in Venezuela, even a police raid to a children’s school at assembly time is absolutely normal. Can we expect Greg Wilpert or Mark Weisbrot to comment on this? What do you readers reckon? Will Eva Golinger ‘unearth’ a sinister triangle of opposition radicals, CIA-NED-FBI and the Mossad planning to launch Chavez’ final assassination attempt from the school playground?

Stay tuned, the spin will come.

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