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Chavez's vacations, other people's nightmares

By Daniel Duquenal

29.11.04 | Let's try to follow the journey. In Spain Chavez leaves a governmental crisis that will require the Prime Minister to postpone his trip to Russia in order to attend a crucial questions and answers session in parliament to defend his Foreign Minister. I wonder if Rodriguez Zapatero will be asked how come he received Chavez while his tour included Russia, Libya, and Iran. What does this say about Spanish diplomacy? Is this a reflection on Spainís democratic values?

That same Prime Minister would have followed Chavez in Russia. While there Chavez rekindled the arms race in South America by buying weapons that are more likely to be turned against the Venezuelan people than the Colombian border. This did not stop him to meddle in Ukrainian internal affairs by declaring that the elections were clean. Chavez would have never accepted any foreign leader express in such terms on Venezuelan elections. But of course, El Supremo can. He does not even need to send his own observers. He knows.

Then he trotted on to Iran, another model theocracy, err.. democracy. While hanging there, in one of the most anti Israel countries, Chavez's police raids the Colegio Hebraica, the Jewish private school in Caracas. At 6:30 AM 25 security cops got into the school just a children started to arrive for the day. What? The Mossad is hiding in a Jewish social club/school of Caracas to plan the assassination of Danilo Anderson?

Which is the next country in Chavez agenda? Somebody should warn them and their neighbors.

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