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A reader's response to Eva Golinger

By Maria Luisa Niño

21.11.04 | I am enclosing a letter I wrote to Eva Golinger in response to her article which appeared in www.vheadline .com

María Luisa Niño

Eva, since you rightfully will not be intimidated by the attack on Danilo Anderson, I would greatly appreciate it if, in the name of that struggle for justice you so vehemently defend , you include in your ongoing investigations the attacks on all those Venezuelans who have been tortured, imprisoned, persecuted and murdered in cold blood, with no culprits in view (although some are well known but are running around as free as your very own American Eagle).

And please honey, let's not fool ourselves, Danilo Anderson was no babe in the woods and if carrying out a witch hunt was doing his job, he was being very successful at it. I deplore any act of terrorism, no matter which side it comes from, so as the good Christian that I am, I really hope that he can rest in peace and that the perpetrators of this horrible crime will be put in jail along with those you will hopefully help us find, since the members of our judicial system are at the time occupied in other matters.

Oh, and by the way, as I told you in a previous letter you never answered, I think you've got your concepts a little bit mixed up. How in heaven's name can we fear you for your courage and your relentless search for the truth when these are just figures of speech used by a "process" (if you know anything about Simon Bolivar, the name Bolivarian is execrating his memory) which drives the poor and gullible deeper and deeper into an abyss of lies and deprivation.

P.S. Congratulations to Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice on my behalf

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