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A reason for not having a comment box...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 19.11.04 | As time passes and my own political stance becomes more and more of a nuissance to some international chavistas, this day I receive for the first time a not so comforting letter. I have refused to grant free exposure to these fundamentalists in the past by not installing a comment box feature that would have allowed them to ventilate publicly their profound hatred towards me. As a norm I crack up at this sort of bullshit and this time round the reaction is no different. However I would like to share with readers this instance, I have got many more examples, for the following is a novelty.

Subject: Feedback for Vcrisis
From: John J Reverol []
Date: 19.11.04 18:36
To: A. Boyd

Me das azco sabes, apoyar el asesinato de un fiscal honesto es un acto de cobardia, nunca le he deseado la muerte a nadie, pero te deseo que mueras como lo que eres un perro terrorista.

Muerte a todos los terristas como tu!


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So a chavista watching from America wishes that I die as a "terrorist dog..." and extends his revolutionary feelings to those of my ilk. Perhaps this Reverol chap has a blurred understanding of what terrorism is. Thus, a clarification is in order.

Once upon a time a mediocre lieutenant decides that before finishing his masters in political science a coup against a democratically elected president has to take place. After many years of conspiring with like minded terrorists they attempted to overthrow the government with the use of tanks and military weaponry. The coup fails, due to their sheer cowardice and ineptitude. He gets caught whilst trying to flee and its imprisoned for a couple of years. Once he gets out he starts feverishly to build alliances with about every terrorist movement / personality of the region and beyond. Some years later, in a strike of luck, he wins the presidential race and starts promoting violence, hatred and social divisions on a constant basis. Time passes and other important events, caused by his very violent nature, lead to the engrossing of the already large list of casualties left at his path. Nonetheless he keeps inciting violence, aiding and abetting with criminals of all sorts, alienating large sectors of society and utilising democracy for the acquirement of absolute power. In the meanwhile, dialog between political forces or reconciliation between society and government is permanently damaged, although he cares not. Relatives of scores of victims, due to his actions, still await for justice to be seen. And today, more than 12 years to the day he first used violence to achieve his goals and 6 years after he became the president who was to solve the country’s problems, a disposable innocent prosecutor is blown to bits and the whole country is expected to come forth and deplore the attack. Those, who like me think that what goes around comes around, have failed to explicitly disapprove of the assassination of Anderson must, as far as chavista rationale goes, die like terrorist dogs.

Well, Reverols of this world, when searching for escape goats and targets of your hatred and resentfulness look no further than your own troubled nature. I could not care less about your thoughts, pain and suffering and certainly your wishes won’t disturb my tranquillity for I did not create it nor have I been inciting violence for 14 years.

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