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On the issue of the car bomb...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 19.11.04 | There was an explosion last night in Los Chaguaramos, Caracas. Allegedly environmental-prosecutor-turned-legal-arm-of-the-regime Danilo Anderson was blown up. The whole of the official apparatus, excluding Chavez, showed up to brief the press jumping the gun and making the oh so customary unfounded accusations and in general to kickstart with the roleplay. I will not further comment on the incident, letting instead the issue to evolve. However, I must admit that from the very first moment, I thought that this is nothing but another clumsy attempt by the regime to place blame on others -remember the Colombian paras that were going to overthrow the government armed with hamrolls? In the comment section of Miguel Octavio's blog I have found this entry by Michel Garcia, which sums up my feeling in this respect.

If you ask me, Anderson wasn't in that car, take count all the points in it: he just keft the bolivarian university, so, the bomb would have to be planted there; he was always with at least 2 bodyguards, nowhere to be seen; the "attorney general" said there there shootings on the car, why shoot a car you're gonna blow up?, they said the car first catched fire and then blew up, why whoever was in the car, didn't got out after the fire and before the explossion?; all four of his cell phones were on the floor on the street, what are the odds of that happening?, wouldn't (at least one) be inside the car or be blown miles away?; the "general attorney" said on TV *before* any tests took place that it was a bomb; there was an accident on the international airport some hours before, I heard they evacuated the airport, but some planes just got away, could have Anderson be on one?; Bustillo is still nowhere to be found, there were reports of him being tortured and murdered, and the regime didn't knew what to do with the body, there were also reports that Anderson wanted to get out of all the messes he's into since people wasn't being stopped by him showing his guns or bodyguards to yell things at him or even hit him, what better than to kill two birds with one shoot?

The saddest in all this is that, even for all like me that don't like this kind of stuff, you don't feel as bad as if it happened to any other people, and there are people happy for it; or even sadder, the fact that, even if real, there are going to be people (like me) that think this is a bunch of lies...

Michel Garcia

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I didn't meant that Bustillos planted the bombs, what I meant was that, if Bustillos is dead, and the regime doesn't know what to do with the body, could that body on the car be Bustillos'?, remember that the body is unrecognizable... the cellphones weren't on the same place, they were on the street (on different places), but close to the car in a radial fashion; and what I meant with killing two birds with one shot, if they have a body they want to get rid of, and a "player" that wants to get out, they just "kill" the player planting the corpse in his place... Who will say if the body is Bustillos' when Cilia Flores' cousin is "el chivo que mas mea" in the CICPC... Remember we are dealing with malandros, not politicians or diplomats, so... Bustillos dissapeared and they speeded up the gag-law, and now, with this, they're going to speed up the "anti-terrorists" law, remember, the one that says that cacerolazos are a terrorists act.

Michel Garcia

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