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Venezuela to design plan to fight poverty

Editorial - El Universal

15.11.04 | Determined to make a leap forward to encourage a revolution within their revolution, government officials and pro-government governors and mayors sought to define the guidelines for a new model of development.

Venezuelan Vice President José Vicente Rangel Sunday announced that both President Hugo Chávez' administration and its supporters are determined to make a leap forward to encourage a revolution within their revolution and set the goals for a new political map in Venezuela.

After a two-day tactical meeting attended by top government officials, ministers, and pro-government governors and mayors, Rangel explained that they are laying the foundations for a new more effective administration.

According to Rangel, they are to unveil a new development model for the country that is to focus on the future, but claimed that Chávez' administration is not going to pardon its opponents.

Within 40 days, a special high-level committee is to unveil proposals to fight poverty in Venezuela, Rangel announced.

He explained that the special taskforce is to comprise Planning Minister Jorge Giordani, as well as other members of Chávez' cabinet and staff.

Rangel disclosed some of the conclusions of this two-day tactical meeting. He indicated that Chávez' administration is to focus on reducing poverty -a problem they consider their major enemy. "We are going to earmark every possible resource to eliminate poverty," he said.

After the October 31 regional and local election, Chávez' government plans to redefine priorities. They intend to speed up public administration procedures and eliminate corruption. Chávez' administration is also set to adopt a new conception of national security and defense.

Regarding foreign affairs, the Venezuelan government is to adopt pluri-centrism to encourage trade, political and cultural relations with a wide range of countries, rather than the United States and Colombia only, which are Venezuela's traditional largest partners.

Translated by Maryflor Suárez

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