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Venezuela: a week for good news

By Miguel Octavio

15.11.04 | I will become like the new Venezuelan media for one day and will only report a bunch of good news that I have heard recently, to insure the Government does not pressure me or apply the new media bill (The "muzzle" bill) to my blogging concession:

--The best news of the day is that Chavez will no longer hold his Sunday radio program due to a new strategy and new image to deepen the revolution. It will be missed; we will no longer be able to listen to the illustrious leader rant for five or six hours every Sunday. We do hope he will make up for it somehow.

--And then there is the announcement by Vice-President Rangel that in 40 days the Government will unveil a plan to fight poverty. This is really good news that almost 2,190 days to the day after assuming power for the first time, Chavez will unveil a plan to fight poverty. Let us hope it is not like any of the six employment plans that have been announced in the last five years.

--Then, there is the resignation of one of the most ineffective Ministers of Chavezí Cabinet, Roger Capella. Capella was the Minister of Health and was forced to resign after the nurses of Chavezí favorite program Barrio Adentro went on strike because they have not been paid since July. Capella, who has been the subject of extensive discussions in this blog because of his non-qualification to be Minister of Health, was unfairly treated. After all, all he was doing is treating these new programs the same way that the whole health care system is treated, salaries are not paid, there is no money for drugs and supplies and equipment is never fixed. The news is good if Chavez can find someone better for the job, which should not be too hard. By the way, the nurses are still on strike.

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