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Venezuela vive...

By Daniel Conroy

10.11.04 - From a "vendepatrias" who cast his first vote as "yanqui-come-home", let me tell you it was very satisfying --after following the travails of firmazo, reafirmazo,RR, the Halloween farce elections in VZLA--to vote for W.

There's a measure of satisfaction watching the droogs pitching fits; over on DemocratUnderground I do think I see Pallast ranting about voter fraud and the evils of electronic voting machines. Sweet.

After the experience of seeing the Caracas chattering classes build up Chavez -ah, Napo, what were you thinking-, and the local elites' joy in throwing out the old system, baby AND bathwater, it's heartening to see the George Soroses, the Michael Moores, The Al Frankens repudiated by workaday America. Given the number of People Like Us vowing to emigrate, I'd batten down for an influx into Caracasgrad; maybe "living" in a state that people like them helped install, under the Patron Maximo, might do some good. Why, I can see Moore doing up "Por Estas Calles: The Next Generation". Ley de Contenidos allowing...

Seeing Venezuela turn into the new Iran under the MVR mullahs has been so dismaying, especially when it never had to be that way, with so little to show for the pain. Seeing the Roy Carsons, the Pallasts and Weisbrots, The Marxist Gardeners, the Danny Glovers invading the country, playing internacionalista amen chorus to the brutocrats--it's just... triste.

Seeing their ilk pitching fits over here about the elections, after their singing praises to "REAL Democracy in Venezuela", their turning a blind eye to the mockery that the CNE made of the people's voice---it's satisfying. Can you just IMAGINE if the Republicans had attempted a fraction of the Chavista power grab? If they had to live under a state where the GOP controlled all branches of Government, choked off the electoral process, fired and intimidated those who opposed the Process? Seriously, can you even begin to imagine the state of the Moores, the Glovers? The whole thing is unimagineable. Yet, it's good enough for those quaint VayNayZooEllens.

The time when I could vote against the thugs in Venezuela is over; God willing, one day you'll be able to vote freely, meaningfully in Venezuela. My vote for W was, among other things, in small part a stone in the shoe for the Sandalistas, for their complicity in compromising the freedoms of the people of Venezuela, in subjecting you to what they would never accept for themselves.

Venezuela Vive.

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