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Part II of Columbus Statue Toppled in Venezuela...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 13 Oct. 04 - On March 4th this year Dozthor Zurlent, a notorious chavista, seemingly made a mistake; an email exchange between him and some "Amy" arrived in my inbox. In it he stated:

"There is a web site that is supported by the Venezuelan government and you can find plenty of sites supporting the opposition everywhere." is another such officially funded website that first of all happens to share servers, bandwith, staff and office space with

Web server services and bandwith is donated by, a larger site maintained by grassroots groups in Venezuela...

The picture above was posted on Aporrea to summon people to the celebrations of the 'Day of the Race' urging the hordes to bring along "... tus 500 aņos de arrechera!" i.e. "bring along your 500 years of hatred!" towards whatever Columbus represented. The toppling of the statue made it to the international media and of course the 'independent and impartial english voice of chavismo' blame it on "independent operators'. Furthermore a Robin Nieto reports:

Pro-Chavez website,, reported that several groups openly claimed responsibility for the action, which was done independently of any authority in order "undo the symbols of our oppressors."

No mention is made by Nieto upon the fact that both Aporrea and Venezuelanalysis are indeed one and the same, the sole difference being the language in which they propagate their official spin. He fails also to comment upon the fact that Aporrea was openly calling for vandalism with the use of hateful and vitriolic language in the above 'invitation'.

Do these rabble rousers truly believe that someone with one iota of common sense would buy into their crap? Not only are they direct accesories of crime they are abetting the vandals.

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