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BBC finally has it right about Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 13 August 2004 - There must be something happening today, it may well be the Olympic games… Just after finishing watching the opening show in Athens where a message of peace, tolerance and brotherhood was conveyed to the peoples of the earth, I saw a clip in BBC News @ 10 that shocked me. For the first time since this whole nightmare with Chavez began the BBC actually reported quite accurately what is truly going on in Venezuela.

Let us remember that the Irish filmmakers, whose propagandistic film has gained innumerable amounts of prices and awards, were propelled into stardom thanks to the concourse of the BBC that for a very long time kept an openly partisan line in favour of Chavez. Still fresh in memory the reports about Venezuela of a Richard Gott, self appointed Latin American ‘expert,’ who nowadays happens to be one of the guests of honour invited by Hugo Chavez, so much for credibility, impartiality and fair reporting, isn’t it?

Nonetheless Fiona Clark presented a short segment in which Claire Marshall all the way from Caracas reports views of both sides of the political divide. A rather agreeable novelty for those of us who have witnessed previous bogus reporting from the BBC vis-ŕ-vis Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.

Please follow this link, click on 10 BBC News and fast forward to minute 18.12 to see this particular piece of information. The infatuation of other news outlets is simply appalling. However I am confident that we shall rejoice after Sunday reading the incoherent excuses that will surely pop up once Chavez is recalled.

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