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Opposition leader Antonio Ledezma detained in Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 05 August 2004 – The opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, head of Alianza Bravo Pueblo, has been detained in Tazón near Caracas. Ledezma said in a telephone interview that he was astounded by the military deployment in said checkpoint and suggested that it appeared that the vehicle utilized by them was expected by the military assigned to the post.

He also commented upon the absurdity of keeping him and his wife under arrest due to a discrepancy in the serial numbers of the car in which they were travelling, his lawyer, Omar Estacio, further stressed that the act is nothing more than another attempt at intimidating political opponents by Hugo Chavez’ regime, especially taking into account that the car in question does not belong to either Antonio Ledezma or his spouse.

Political posters and other paraphernalia for the SI campaign, that Ledezma was carrying, have been confiscated by the army.

Omar Estacio expressed that the detention violates a number of constitutional provisions and due process procedures have not been followed.

Assemblyman Nicolas Sosa, Chairman of the Commission of Interior Policies of Venezuela’s National Assembly, opined that said detention is perceived as political prosecution and does not contribute in the slightest to create a climate of stability prior to the referendum.

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