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Venezuela's Chávez’ letter to The Washington Post

By Veneconomy

The government has mounted a full-blown campaign to deflect or discredit any criticism that the Friends of Venezuela Group of Countries might level at the fraudulent maneuverings that it has perpetrated to avoid the recall referendum against Chávez.

The attempt to buy the loyalty of Argentina, by selling it oil with financing at 2% over 13 months, was just one part of this campaign.

There has also been an attempt to discredit Mexico with the criticisms launched against the Vicente Fox administration by Ambassador Lino Martínez because Fox had, according to him, failed to keep his promises and had increased poverty among Mexicans.

And the most recent tactic is a letter to The Washington Post, in which Chávez reiterates, along with a series of old lies, that the process for collecting signatures for calling a recall referendum is transparent and objective. In his letter, Chávez laments that the opposition has not given an undertaking to accept the outcome, as he himself has done.

The Washington Post, in an unusual spread in its Wednesday edition, took the page opposite this incredible letter to publish an editorial in which it refutes Chávez’ assertions one by one.

It accuses him of mounting a “coup-by-technicality” by putting obstacles in the way of the signatures and the ratifications so as to deny Venezuelans their right to vote and calls on the countries in the region to reject what Chávez is doing.

As Abraham Lincolns said, you may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time.

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