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Venezuela: Zulia Governor snaps back at Chavez

By Miguel Octavio

The Governor of Zulia state Manuel Rosales did not mince any words today in responding to President Chavez’s charges that he was attempting to overthrow and kill him.

Rosales called Chavez “irresponsible and ridiculous” and challenged Chavez to allow the people to vote on his performance so that we may know the true opinion of Venezuelans.

Rosales said that Chavez behaves like a coward refusing to allow an electoral process that is valid and “hide behind the pants of the military.” “It is the attitude of a coward, most military men are honest people, he should stop hiding behind their pants, if he has courage he would allow people to give their opinion, allow people to go to a democratic process."

He also denied that he leads a process calling for oil rich Zulia state to be separated from Venezuela. “No matter how much in favor of regionalism I am, we have never proposed that, but that does not mean that we are going to give up our rights to decentralization, we do not give away anything to Cuba.” Rosales suggested that Chavez should use the resources spent on his personal security on protecting the people and the borders.

Rosales said “We are going to get rid of Chávez, we are going to get rid of him with votes, because he does not deserve to be where he is, he has offended the majesty of being President of Venezuela.” He also criticized Chávez for promising a dam for Zulia state, saying this is the same promise Chavez made five years ago.

Rosales closed by saying that he did not want coups, paramilitary, guerrilla, he wants peace, freedom and elections, suggesting Chavez is the one that leads coups against the law and the Constitution in Venezuela.

Separately, a local newsman suggested Chavez stop using the word “magnicidio” when referring to attempts to kill him. The newsman said that Chavez was so full of himself that now he uses the term daily. He said that by now any attempt on Chavez’s life would be a “minicidio”, due to the President’s loss of status for most Venezuelans. Way to go!

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