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Venezuela: The implausible story of the unarmed paramilitary captured

By Miguel Octavio

Now, this story is very confusing so I will not comment too much on it, but my title tells you what I think right now:

-Last night, the Government captured a group of 55 Colombian paramilitary in a farm in El Hatillo, right outside Caracas. Since then, an additional group has been captured and the number reaches 71.

-The members of this paramilitary group were dressed in military fatigues but had no weapons.

-The Mayor of El Hatillo showed a video when a joint operation with the Metropolitan police detected the presence of the paramilitary group being transported in buses.

-The intelligence police said there was no participation by either the El Hatillo police or the Metropolitan police. They charged that these groups were related to the opposition.

-Chavez said the Government had given a “blow to the liver” of coupsters and terrorists, revived that they are planning to kill him and the US is involved. He also said the Governor of Zulia State Manuel Rosales is trying to kill him.

-The opposition Mayor of nearby Baruta said “this smells like a show and a ridiculous one at that.”

-The intelligence police has requested that a bunch of “well-known” people be captured because they are associated with the case. This includes “some businessmen and some retired military officers”. He also said this group and the owner of the farm are related to the “Guarimba” plan which never materialized by which neighbors were going to shutdown streets two weeks ago. The Government claims this was an opposition plan, but so far, all that is known is that an e-mail circulated calling for this action.

-The “Democratic Block” an opposition Group that is not part of the Coordinadora Democrática (CD) and has dissented on removing Chavez via a referendum, has denied any relation to the paramilitary group captured.

Editor's note: President Hugo Chavez' accounts of plots and assassinations are so ludicrous that even Reuters is calling off his bluffs!!

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